SMARZ Language Center: We provide English Course (Business/Office English, TOEFL/IELTS Tutorial), Indonesian Language Course (For Expatriates), and Japanese Course. We provide Online Course and You can learn by Online Course (we have fiber optic connection) or we visit. Regarding Indonesian course, we used our own designed ebook (pdf book) by mixing 3 reference books, Student can learn until newspaper reading class/level. Feel free to contact us by Whatsapp, Skype or Line.

DESKRIPSI (Indonesian Language):

SMARZ Language Center: Kami menyediakan Kursus Bahasa Inggris (Inggris Bisnis/Perkantoran, Tutorial TOEFL/IELTS), Kursus Bahasa Indonesia (Untuk Ekspatriat), dan Kursus Bahasa Jepang. Bisa Kursus Online. Siswa bisa belajar secara Online (kami ada koneksi internet fiber optik) atau kami bisa datang. Untuk kursus bahasa Indonesia, Kami memakai buku pdf yang kami desain sendiri yang merupakan kombinasi dari 3 buah buku, Siswa bisa belajar sampai kelas/tingkat baca surat kabar. Jangan ragu hubungi kami via Whatsapp, Skype, atau Line.

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Indonesian Course Ebook For Sale

integral and comprehensive program

We have more than 20 years experiences operating and completing language course program.

Indonesian Course Ebook For Sale

We develop and sell online here the ebook (more than 200 pages) combining 3 books into 1 pdf book as our reference book so student can learn from their smartphone/tablet anywhere and faster learning Indonesian language (click menu “Indonesian course ebook for sale”)

Students are the proof

We mentioned some of our students who have learned Indonesian language by our program however not all of them and no photos here.

Flexible Learning Schedule

Student can have flexible learning schedule according to students available time, even student can mix with online course schedule (by skype or google hangout) in case cannot learn on normal hours.

Our Business

Language Service Provider
Everything you see here is responsive and mobile-friendly.

As a language service provider, our services include sworn translation service, interpreter, language course, and tour guide.

  • Indonesian Language Course

    Student will be able to learn until "newspaper/news reading class" .

  • Authorized and Sworn Translation

    Indonesian to English/German/Mandarin/French vice versa

  • Document Legalization

    Translation Document Legalization/Attestation by Ministry Office and Embassies

  • Tour Guide in Indonesia

    Tour guide for Jakarta-Bekasi Industrial City Tour (and other West Java cities tour as well)

Who we are

We are Linguists, language experts providing language service to Customer
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Kharun Kartaputra

Director and Trainer of English, Indonesian Language, and Japanese Course
Director of this Language Training and Trainer of English, Indonesian Language, and Japanese Course. I have more than 15 years experience in language service business. Online course and visit (Jakarta and surrounding areas only).
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French and Indonesian Teacher
French Teacher since 10 years ago
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Indonesian Language Teacher
5 years experience
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Korean/Mandarin Teacher

Our Students

There are jsut few students learning Indonesian language that we can mention them here

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